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The Shadow #3 – Reviews

Continuing the compilation of reviews about THE SHADOW – LEVIATHAN mini-series published by Dynamite Entertainment, writed by Si Spurrier, Dan Watters, illustrated by Daniel HDR – your trully here – and colored by Natália Marques), se here some reviews about issue #3.

Continuando a compilação de comentários sobre a mini-série THE SHADOW – LEVIATHAN publicada pela Dynamite Entertainment, escrita por Si Spurrier, Dan Watters, ilustrada por Daniel HDR – eu aqui – e colorida por Natália Marques), veja aqui algumas críticas sobre e edição # 3 .

From The Living Myth Magazine website

Daniel HDR handles art, setting tones, lines, and colors that differentiate flashbacks, time periods, eras, mythologies; it’s a strange confidence that lets him experiment with form and create various styles that work well to build a cohesive whole.

From Shoot the Breeze Comics website

With each issue I feel like I am getting closer into not only seeing the depth of The Shadow’s character but the growing story which is running smoothly and not being rushed.

I am enjoying how the mystery is unfolding as we see past and present slowly collide in this impressive tale.

From The Chico Comics Page website

The interior artwork of The Shadow Vol 3 #3 by Danial HDR was good as well. It’s detailed where it needs to be and minimalist where it doesn’t need to be highly detailed. The characters are consistent throughout the book and expression is portrayed well. The layouts were very nice. The angles that were chosen, the back and foreground images mixed well with the center focus of the art. This added a lot of perspective and room to the artwork.

From The Comicon.com website

Big points to both the writers Spurrier and Watters, and to Daniel HDR for creating a female character who reads, sounds, and looks so true to lived experience rather than falling back on unhelpfully archaic tropes in comics.

From Rock! Shock! Pop! website

As to the artwork? Daniel Hdr’s penciling is really strong. There’s nice detail here not just in the modern day scenes but in the flashback sequences as well. There’s a nice sense of movement to the action scenes and good detail in both the foreground of each panel and the background as well. Bonus points for including an Einstürzende Neubauten reference.

From Geeked Out Nation website

The fine point used by Daniel HDR made a big difference in capturing every building, structure and or whatever else better engaged you in the story. It was also cool to see how those who genuinely follow The Shadow were then and now. They stand out from most people off the bat just from the way they carry themselves, though at the same time looking ordinary considering everyday people are who make up his network.

From Comic Bastards website

This book has been a slow burn for much of it, we are a long way away from getting all the secrets out, and we still haven’t moved very far in the present day. It’s all building to something. This is still a great book and hasn’t lost a step yet. The little details, the art style, and the classic Shadow in the flashbacks are making this a great read for me.


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