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The Shadow #1 – Reviews

This January, precisely on January 24 (2018) was released the last chapter of THE SHADOW: LEVIATHAN, project published by Dynamite Entertainment, that I´ve been envolved almost all 2018, writed by Simon Spurrier, Dan Watter, illustrated for me and colored by Natalia Marques. At the middle of the mini-serie, I had a injury at my right hand, and buddy Ricardo Jaime help me on issue #4 and some pages at #5 and #6.

The feedback from readers and comics websites was really good, and I´m just posting here some links with these reviews – These material was shared at my Facebook page, but, you know, Facebook don´t share all what you post at you timeline to all people who follow your page.

Este janeiro, precisamente em 24 de janeiro (2018), foi lançado o último capítulo de THE SHADOW: LEVIATHAN, projeto publicado pela Dynamite Entertainment, que já envolvi quase 2018, criado por Simon Spurrier, Dan Watter, ilustrado para mim e colorido por Natalia Marques. No meio da mini-série, tive uma lesão na minha mão direita, e o amigo Ricardo Jaime me ajudou no número 4 e algumas páginas em # 5 e # 6.

O feedback dos sites de leitores e quadrinhos foi realmente bom, e só postando aqui alguns links com essas críticas – Este material foi compartilhado na minha página do Facebook, mas, você sabe, o Facebook não compartilha tudo o que você publica em sua linha de tempo para todas as pessoas que seguem sua página.

The Shadow#1

From Out Right Geekery website

The art is also very good. I’ve had multiple exposure’s to HDR’s art and he can absolutely carry a story and draw solid action sequences.

From IGN website: The Shadow #1 included at ´TOP 5 COMICS TO BUY´

From SnapPow website

On the visual side of things we have Daniel HDR, with the talent producing a captivating set of illustrations. Delivering tremendous detail from start to finish, along with a smooth set of layouts, the artist gives us plenty of reasons to follow this narrative. The way the talent handles the action also entices, with the dynamic, yet stylish way in which The Shadow dispatches his victims being truly astonishing. Despite this, it is the colours of Natalia Marques that allow these visuals to stand out, with the sleek finish during the present and softer tone for the flashbacks resulting in some tremendous depth and atmosphere.

From Reading With a Flight Ring website

Daniel does the interior artwork here and I have to say it’s a really nice change from seeing the superhero stuff that i’m used to seeing.  I love his attention to detail here and then the colouring that softens noticeably  for the flashbacks and it makes a huge storytelling impression/difference.  The use of page layouts here show a great use of angles and perspective.  The attention to detail is superb and the way we see the backgrounds in play really expand the story immensely.  I really like that these people look like everyday people the work is incredibly solid.

From The Fellowship of the Geeks website

What makes this book for me (and I admit I’m going a bit geeky here) is the structure. It’s essentially exposition peppered with a few brief flashbacks. It should be boring as hell, but it 100% works here. It’s exceptionally well written and captivating storytelling, and the art makes the most of each moment, even when it’s just the doctor holding bandages.

This issue is a delightful intro to what could prove to be a long look into the psyche of the Shadow, who has long been a mystery to us all. It will sure as heck be fun finding out, so get on board now.

From Multiversity Comics website

As for the flashbacks, where the panels do constantly switch things up, HDR champions directness over anything else. The school shooters shoot their guns, they look nervously around. Nothing fancy, just the storytelling basics we need. When The Shadow comes in, that directness makes his appearance all the more striking.

From The Telltale Mind website

Providing the book with some very vibrant and exciting artwork is Daniel HDR and it sets itself above the usual fare that Dynamite usually churns out making this a very promising start for the new series. If the stories going forward are as good as this one and they can keep HDR as penciller for the long haul, The Shadow will end up being a very good book indeed.

Reviews from issue #2.
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